Massey introduces Generation 2 SCR system

Massey Ferguson pioneered the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in agriculture and is now extending its lead with the introduction of its Generation 2 SCR system as standard on all models in the MF 8600 Series tractors.


The award-winning MF 8690 was the world’s first tractor to employ advanced SCR technology to reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel economy. Now Generation 2 SCR, is the latest stage in Massey Ferguson’s long-term strategy and planned response to meeting the strict new, Stage 3b (EU)/Tier 4 interim (US) exhaust emission regulations.

SCR is widely regarded as the most efficient and elegant engineering answer to meet the new exhaust emission rules; and Massey Ferguson’s innovative lead is one that virtually every other major manufacturer is now following.

“SCR offers huge benefits to users because it provides the best fuel economy by allowing engines to operate at optimum efficiency,” explains Martin Wakely, Massey Ferguson sales engineer.

“With SCR, gases are treated after combustion in a separate operation, which means there is no need for any extensive engine modifications. Unlike the alternatives, it does not require any additional valves, extra turbo-chargers, expanded cooling packages or extensive changes to existing engine designs. It also does not employ any complex internal engine components or external filter housings.”

Developed in conjunction with suppliers AGCO SISU POWER and Bosch, the Massey Ferguson Generation 2 SCR system is designed specifically for use in agricultural applications and, because it was planned into the initial design, it is an integral part of the tractor. Generation 2 SCR is also virtually maintenance free.

“Fuel economy, reliability and simplicity are important considerations for farmers looking for a tractor in this power sector. The MF 8600 delivers on all counts, which moves it to the top of the list, particularly as it is using technology that is well-proven on the hugely successful existing Stage 3A MF 8600 series,” concludes Campbell Scott, Director Sales Engineering.

Massey Ferguson Generation 2 SCR features:

• Maintenance free Diesel Oxidation Catalyser (DOC), located under the existing bonnet

• Integral exhaust catalysers – novel and neat fitment within the exhaust silencer

• Integrated control unit

• AdBlue tank is encased and insulated within the fuel tank moulding, with new electrical hose heaters and gravity fed nozzle cooling system

• Higher pressure common rail injection system reduces rated engine speed to 2,100rpm for lower fuel consumption and reduced noise. Power and torque ratings remain unchanged.

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