Micron Sprayers to show off latest Varidrome

Micron Sprayers is to showcase its latest Varidome band sprayer, as well as the highly-popular Enviromist and InjectorDos ranges, at Cereals 2011.

Visitors to the stand will get a chance to see a new improved Varidome featuring an electronic controller. This innovative shielded, low volume inter-row CDA sprayer was specifically designed to safely remove weeds between rows of vegetable plants. The electronic control device allows operators to easily control the application rate and flow at the push of a button.

The newly-improved single-bed Varidome can spray inter-row widths from 200mm to 800mm and bed widths from 1.3m to 2m wide, although it will also be available as multi-bed units to suit the growers’ needs. The toolbar configuration can be easily changed to fit the type of crop.

The Varidome is equipped with shielded rotary atomisers that produce optimum-sized spray droplets for maximum spraying efficiency and features adjustable spray heads with separate width settings for crop rows and wheeling areas. This enables operators to target both weeds in the wheelings and weeds growing in the narrow gaps between plant rows on the bed. The Varidome unit follows the contours of the ground to prevent spray drift outside the target areas. When not in use, hydraulic cylinders lock individual heads for safe transportation. The modular unit will be available in front or back mounted configurations and three tank size options of 100L, 200L and 400L.

In addition to its key attraction Varidome, Micron Sprayers will be exhibiting the Enviromist range of sprayers for soft fruit, top fruit, vineyard and orchard weed control. These effective and versatile sprayers can be tractor or ATV-mounted and also feature a shielded rotary atomiser. Micron rotary atomiser technology employs low pressure, low volume liquid application producing a uniform droplet pattern which goes directly to the weed foliage. This means that users can enjoy a more efficient use of chemicals, reduced spray drift and greater productivity.

As well as its mounted products, Micron Sprayers’ staff will be promoting its hand-held CDA sprayers and other precision applicators. In particular, visitors to the stand will be able to see the latest version of the InjectorDos applicator for use with invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed. The new improved version of InjectorDos features a trigger-type handle for smoother operation and two needles – a longer needle for thick stems and a shorter needle for younger weeds or follow-up treatments.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Micron Sprayers.


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