Minimum yields set for non-food crops on set-aside

THE MINIMUM yields for non-food crops grown on set- aside in 2005 in England have been set by the Rural Payments Agency.

This year the representative yield requirement covers all non-food crops grown under contract and there are no regional differences in the yields required for “00” rapeseed crops.

Crop Group Representative Yield (tonnes/ha)
Winter ‘00’ Rapeseed      2.31
Spring ‘00’ Rapeseed    1.29
HEAR     1.30
Linseed    1.25
Wheat 3.50
 Barley  2.75










Farmers are being reminded that the requirement to deliver a forecast yield, if higher than the representative yield, does not apply for the 2005 harvest. 

But the RPA has pointed out that there is still a requirement that all the crop harvested from set-aside land must be delivered for processing into an approved end use.

Producers who do not achieve the yields set for the 2005 harvest may be subject to financial penalties so should contact the RPA and the collector/first processor giving details in writing as to why there may be a shortfall.


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