Mixed results so far for Europe

Rain has slowed the pace of the grain harvest across much of Europe, but reports of the effects of the recent heatwave are becoming available, with mixed results being seen.

German wheat yields are down on last year and varied depending on the region.

Rain has slowed progress recently.

Winter barley production is estimated at 8.8m tonnes, close to last year’s level.

About half the wheat has been harvested and quality is reportedly good.

But production is expected at 21m tonnes, 2.3m tonnes below last year.

In France, with 20-30% of the harvest still to cut, rain has delayed progress by about a week.

The wheat crop is expected to be about 3% below last year at 34m tonnes, with yields at 7t/ha (down 0.15 t/ha on last year). The average winter barley yield is 6.7t/ha (0.2 t/ha below 2005).

Hungary’s wheat harvest is almost complete.

But Reuters reports yields at 4.1t/ha (0.4t/ha below last year), with the total crop estimated at 4.4m tonnes (5m tonnes in 2005).

The maize crop is still expected to reach 8m tonnes.

Czech wheat

The Czech winter wheat harvest is ahead of last year, with Strategie Grains reporting winter wheat yields below last year at 4.7t/ha (5.2t/ha last year) and winter barley yields slightly lower at 4.2t/ha (4.4t/ha).

The total grain crop is expected to be 10% lower this year at 6.3m tonnes.

In Slovakia the harvest is about two-thirds complete and yields close to last year’s.

Meanwhile in the UK, the winter barley harvest is almost complete, but rain has delayed the wheat harvest.

About 15%-30% of winter wheat has been cut, which ADAS reports is two weeks or so ahead of normal.

Wheat quality appears to be good, with Hagbergs above 300 and proteins above 13%.

Winter barley yields are about 6.8t/ha, while wheat yields are variable depending on soil type, although appear to have held up.