Monitor Gallant winter wheat for T3 timing

Top-yielding nabim Group 1 winter wheat Gallant is likely to need a T3 application where necessary before other wheat varieties this season, according to breeder Syngenta.

Samantha Brooke, of Syngenta, urges growers to monitor growth stages closely this season as Gallant will reach the correct timing earlier than Solstice in the same situation.

“Gallant is an early maturing variety, so we’d expect it to come out in ear before Solstice, but they’re even earlier than normal this year,” she adds.

Early drilled crops have moved quickly in the warm conditions, flag leaves have emerged and ears are showing in some crops which will need protecting to increase yield, says Mrs Brooke.

A T3 fungicide can also improve green leaf retention and specific weight, reduce mycotoxins through fusarium control and top-up T2 foliar disease control, she explains.

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