MPs the target of GM postcards

ANTI-GM CAMPAIGNERS are encouraging members of the public to sign postcards demanding tough new laws on GM crops and food which they can send to their MPs.

Friends of the Earth organised a day of action on Sat (Oct 30) during which they said new laws preventing GM contamination of crops and food were needed.

The day involved 65 FoE groups and campaigners dressed as scarecrows as they took to the streets. 

The environmental group said while there were no GM crops currently being grown in the UK, the threat of GM planting remained. 

There are at least 10 applications awaiting approval to grow GM crops EU-wide. 

Friends of the Earth‘s GM campaigner Clare Oxborrow claimed the government looked set to ignore the wishes of the public and allow widespread GM contamination. 

“This is totally unacceptable. That is why up and down the country scarecrows are joining campaigners and the public in challenging MPs to stand up to the government for our right to choose GM free food.”

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