New additions to crop management software

Muddy Boots will be showcasing its crop and compliance management tool, CropWalker, at Cereals 2008.

The company says the software helps farmers comply with the increasing environmental and regulatory challenges, tougher farm audits, and more stringent food standards. It can therefore “ease the decision-making process and make crop assurance easier to manage”.

There will be several changes to the CropWalker range, which will be announced at Cereals.

Building on the successful launch of CropWalker Mobile (the successor to Pocket CropWalker) at Cereals last year, Muddy Boots Software has added pesticide auditing capability to the handheld version of CropWalker.

This gives agronomists and growers the same reassurance when creating recommendations in the field that they get when creating applications on their desktop or laptop.

Another development within CropWalker, which will be announced at Cereals, is the introduction of Protocol Auditing designed to extend the automatic audit functionality of CropWalker.

This new facility provides growers with the option of entering customer protocol data (e.g. retailer specific restrictions) in addition to standard pesticide legislation. Chemical recommendations are then automatically checked against these protocols, ensuring produce is grown to the chosen specification. Protocol Auditing brings the following benefits:
• Eliminates accidental applications of non-preferred/banned products
• Ensures crops can be supplied to the intended destination
• Reduces risk of non-compliance and consequently fewer penalties

Muddy Boots are working in partnership with Nickerson on their “Einstein 2008 Challenge”. The competition closing date is 4 July 2008 and prizes include four laptops, complete with CropWalker software. The competition will be publicised on both the Muddy Boots and Nickerson stands during the Cereals event.

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