New blight control

POTATO GROWERS have another option for potato blight control this season, following the launch of a new product by Syngenta.

Scribe, is a 60WG formulation of potato blight fungicide cymoxanil, designed to work in tandem with Shirlan (fluazinam) as a mid-season spray, the company said.

“Shirlan plus Scribe makes a great combination for mid-season blight protection once the crop canopy is complete,” said Syngenta’s potato manager Garth Bretherton.

Scribe gives greater flexibility for growers particularly where application intervals have been stretched by difficult weather conditions, he said.

“Even with seven day application intervals in high blight pressure conditions growers must look for strong kick-back activity during rapid growth,” added Plantsystems agronomist, Howard Hines.

As crops go through rapid canopy development, contact fungicides can be stretched too far in just a few days, he said.

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