New cereal herbicide takes flight

A NEW HERBICIDE for tackling broadleaved weeds in winter wheat and barley will be available to growers this autumn, it has been announced.

Flight (formerly BAS 701H) from BASF, is a new formulation of the active ingredients picolinafen and pedimethalin.

It offers control of a wide range of broadleaved weeds (including Crane’s-bill, Fumitory and Cleavers) and flexible timing, the firm said.

The product can be used from pre-emergence to growth stage 30, although its main use will be post-emergence, BASF said. The firm’s recommended dose rate is up to a maximum of 4 litres/ha.

Flight is compatible with a range of tank mix partners and being a non-SU herbicide, it minimises problems with herbicide sequences, the firm said.

BASF’s Andy Jones said the product offers growers improved flexibility for controlling broadleaved weeds on cereal farms.

“Used with a tank mix partner such as IPU or in a programme, it can be the basis of weed control in low pressure situations where Annual Meadow-grass and broad-leaved weeds are the main problems.

It is also suitable for the large “middle market” of mixed populations with little or no resistance, and even in the high pressure situation of high levels of resistant grass weeds, he added.

BASF said Flight will be priced at a “modest premium” over Stomp 400 SC (pendimethalin).


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