New Claas Xerion 5000 to make UK debut at Cereals

Claas’s new 524hp Xerion 5000 tractor will be making its UK debut at Cereals.

Joining the Xerion 5000 will be the new small Avero 240 combine, the latest hybrid Tucano 480 and the 12m wide version of the Vario cutterbar for the Lexion 600.

In addition, Claas will be displaying the complete range of steering and auto-guidance options, plus the benefits of the unique Telematics web-based combine output and logistics monitoring system.

The new Xerion 4500 and Xerion 5000, with power outputs of 483hp and 524hp respectively, were one of the highlights of last November’s Agritechnica Show, and named Machine of the Year in the big machine category.

The range-topping Xerion 5000 and the slightly smaller 483hp Xerion 4000 are currently undergoing pre-production trials throughout Europe, including the UK, ahead of being commercially available in the autumn.

The two new additions to the Xerion range offer a unique degree of flexibility and performance and provide a number of distinct advantages over similar sized tracked or wheeled tractors.

The Xerion is the first tractor of this size to have a CVT transmission, which offers far greater flexibility than the full powershift transmission normally used on this size of tractor. This type of transmission can also provide big fuel savings.

This is achieved by the intelligent control system linking the engine and transmission, allowing both to work at optimum performance and economy and is something that has already been proven in the Xerion 3000 series.

In addition, it’s unique in having a 50kph transmission and four equal-wheeled steering, so providing a high level of operator comfort and output, and of course reducing downtime.

The Avero 240, designed for those typically harvesting up to 500 acres, incorporates many features found on larger models to help boost output. At its heart is a new design of threshing and separation system with 4 straw walkers working in combination with the well-proven APS (Accelerated Pre-Separation) system to give output levels similar to larger 5-walker machines.

By removing easily threshed grains, the APS system separates about 30% of the grain ahead of the main threshing drum, therefore reducing the workload on the drum and as a result output is increased by as much as 20%.

The Avero can be used with a wide selection of Claas cutterbars, including the Vario, all of which are connected using a multi-coupler.

Powered by a 198hp Caterpillar engine, the Avero features a 5600 litre capacity grain tank. The Vista cab provides a comfortable work environment and includes air-conditioning, an air-sprung seat and the Claas CIS information system.

The new Hybrid Tucano 480 brings together the Claas APS (Accelerated Pre Separation) primary threshing system with the Roto Plus rotary secondary separation. However, unlike the Lexion Hybrid models that use twin rotors, the new Tucano Hybrid features a single, large diameter rotor.

The APS system features a 1580mm wide and 450m diameter drum and is fitted with a multi-crop concave. Each element of the APS system – the accelerator and threshing drum – are directly driven and synchronised to maintain an even crop flow.

The speed of the APS primary threshing unit is controlled independently of the single Roto Plus rotor, in order to reflect crop conditions and ensure that the crop is efficiently threshed without damaging the grain or straw.

The new single Roto Plus rotor is 4200m long and 570mm in diameter to provide a high centrifugal speed even at low speeds. This helps reduce power requirement but ensures maximum separation whilst gently handling the straw.

The rotor is directly driven and six speeds can be selected: 850; 750; 650; 552; 478 and 422rpm, making it easy to find the ideal speed for crop or field conditions.

The Tucano 480 is powered by a 365hp Caterpillar engine and can be used with cutterbars up to 9m wide. It comes with a 9000 litre tank and all the combine’s functions are monitored using the latest colour Cebis, with the option of Telematics GPS monitoring.

12m Vario cutterbar

The new 12m-wide Vario cutterbar is designed to further boost the output capability of the high capacity Lexion 600 combine harvester, which are capable of harvesting over 100t/hour in the right conditions.

The V1200 cutterbar features a split reel and auger, supported on a central bearing, plus a split knife bar, which is mechanically driven by dual synchronised gear drives on each side of the cutterbar. This ensures operational quietness and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the cutting frequency has been increased from 1120 strokes/min to 1334 strokes/min.

The V1200 cutterbar incorporates twin folding Laser Pilot units, and side knives can be quickly and easily fitted, which are powered by a dedicated hydraulic pump.

*Cereals 2010 exhibitor information as supplied by Claas.

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