New formula gives old favourite the edge

Twenty years after sulfonylurea broadleaved weed herbicide Ally appeared, its manufacturer is replacing it with a new and improved version – Ally Max.

The good news for growers is it won’t cost anything extra, but there will be new dose rates.

The new product, which contains tribenuron-methyl (as in Quantum) as well as metsulfuron-methyl, addresses gaps in Ally’s weed spectrum, and issues such as tank washing and sequencing.

Ally has proved a reliable and flexible broadleaved weed killer, says DuPont’s Neil Morey.

“It is easy to use and good value for money.”

But changes in farmer requirements and the cereal herbicides market highlighted areas for improvement.

“Gaps in the weed spectrum have become apparent, for example, polygonums and fumitory.”

Adding tribenuron-methyl extends the product’s spectrum to cover these weeds, and creeping thistle, among others, he says.

“It also improves contact activity.”

Sulfonylurea sequencing difficulties, particularly on farms with a grassweed problem, is another issue for broadleaved weed sulfonylureas.

“It is the biggest emerging issue among growers.

So Ally Max, like Ally will have sequence with Lexus (flupyrsulfuron-methyl), but in addition we have applied for an Atlantis (mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium) sequence, which we hope to have some positive news on shortly.”

Ally Max uses the new SX formulation, meaning tank washing procedures are easier, and will come in a 4ha (10 acre) pack, after DuPont research suggested the 2ha (5 acre) Ally pack was considered outmoded by bigger cereal farms.

“Depending on rate, growers will be able to cover between 4 and 8ha with one pack.”

Dose rate is a key difference between Ally and Ally Max (see table).

“It is important growers understand they must use a different rate of Ally Max.”

Like Ally, which will only be available this season while existing stocks are used up, Ally Max can be used from 1 February through until GS39 and will be widely available from distributors.

According to DuPont, it will be priced the same as Ally.