New herbicide for maize growers

Maize growers will have access to a new herbicide for controlling broadleaved weeds and annual meadow grass this season, according to Syngenta.

Calaris, combines the broadleaved weed control and residual activity of mesotrione (as introduced last year in Callisto), plus terbuthylazine, which offers Annual meadow grass and Barnyard grass control, the firm said.

“Calaris has extremely flexible application timing, from the two to eight leaf stage of the crop,” explained Syngenta maize manager, Tony Smith.

“For early applications, targeting small weeds, it can be applied at 1.0litres/ha; for larger weeds and longer residual activity the rate should be increased to 1.5litres/ha.”

The critical time for controlling weeds is from 10 to 30 days post-emergence, he noted. Calaris offers up to six weeks residual activity on broadleaved weeds and there are no rotational restrictions for cereal or grass crops following maize, he said.

He believes that the product provides a realistic alternative to Atrazine plus bromoxynil. In Syngenta trials it provided comparable weed control at 1.0litres/ha, while at 1.5litres/ha control was significantly better, he said.