New herbicide to tackle pea weeds

PEA GROWERS have another broad-leaved weed control option this spring following the launch of a new pea herbicide from Syngenta.

Skirmish (terbuthylazine + isoxaben) has been approved for use on all varieties of vining and combining peas, the company announced.

It offers flexible control of a range of broad-leaved weeds, as either a pre or post-emergence application, said the company‘s vegetable crops manager, Bruce McKenzie.

The soil-acting properties of Skirmish allow control of broad-leaved weed seedlings, while it‘s residual activity helps control successive weed flushes, Syngenta said.

Where Skirmish is to be used in post-emergence applications, a tank mix with bentazone will improve control of established weeds, the company recommended.

Processors and Growers Research Organisation trials found this was particularly effective for controlling volunteer oilseed rape, according to Syngenta.