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New hybrid barley variety brings yield and disease benefits

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Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agricultural companies, comprising of crop protection and seeds. Our ambition is to safely help feed the world while taking care of the planet.

Cow about that! The new hybrid barley feed variety that is super easy to grow.

Newly recommended for 2023, SY Nephin is a high-performance hybrid barley variety combining high yield, excellent specific weight and outstanding disease resistance.

SY Nephin also brings the numerous benefits associated with hybrid barley: grass weed suppression, early maturity, yield stability, NUE and end-use flexibility.

High yield

SY Nephin performs particularly well in the east where it outyields even the farmer favourite, SY Kingsbarn.

Hybrid barley varieties continue to perform year after year, and this yield stability coupled with the high yield performance make them a popular choice with farmers looking for consistently high yields.  

Excellent specific weight

SY Nephin is in the top five of ALL barley varieties on the current Recommended List (RL), providing confidence that crops of SY Nephin will easily satisfy feed contract minimum specifications. 

Outstanding disease resistance

SY Nephin has come on to the RL with the highest resistance rating for Rhynchosporium on the current list.

SY Nephin has demonstrated an all-round set of good disease resistance scores which are responsible for the very high untreated yield (90% of treated controls).  


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With weather patterns becoming increasingly extreme and unpredictable, flexibility when it comes to spray timings and disease management are a significant benefit on farm.

Grass weed suppression

SY Nephin delivers grass weed suppression that is uniquely powered by hybrid vigour. Hybrid varieties have been independently and scientifically proven to be more competitive than conventional wheat or barley.

SY Nephin reflects Syngenta’s hybrid breeding expertise with high and stable yield, excellent specific weight and disease resistance, the grass weed suppression unique to hybrid barley and numerous other hybrid benefits.

Growers looking to try a new hybrid barley variety can choose SY Nephin with confidence. 

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