New pH testing service

A NEW pH testing service from Soyl was on show at the event. The Veris Mobile Sensor Platform has just arrived in the UK from the USA and can measure both soil pH and electrical conductivity on the move.

By taking around 10 times more soil samples than other systems (about 250 readings per ha), the mobile unit can be used to produce a detailed, smoothed pH map.

 “This gives more targeted soil pH information and can help improve lime spreading accuracy,” says Soyl”s Allan Colbourn.

The service will cost growers around 6/ha (2.50/acre) and is aimed at those with very variable soils, or growers of high value vegetable crops, he says.

Measuring electrical conductivity (EC) of soils at the same time can also provide soil texture maps and indicate areas of soil compaction.

While such EC data are not widely used in precision farming systems at present, it is more common in the USA and could be a useful tool for growers, says Mr Colbourn.

 The big challenge is understanding how to respond to the EC data. “Users need to be able to interpret what the data means in practice,” he adds.