New pre-em alternative to paraquat

Potato growers have a new option for controlling a range of weeds this spring, following the launch of Basta (glufosinate-ammonium) from Bayer CropScience.

The product, designed for use pre-emergence use of the crop, can control the main arable broad-leaved and grass weeds up to four true leaves and will provide a useful alternative to paraquat, Bayer’s Neil Thompson says.

“With capability to control seven grassweeds and 30 broadleaved weeds it’s now by far the broadest spectrum contact option for potato growers.” Annual meadow grass, cleavers, fat hen and polygonums are among the weeds it has efficacy against.

Basta is approved for use on all potato crops, varieties and soil types, has no LERAP and is rainfast within four to six hours.

Cost at the 2litre/ha rate will be around £22/ha (£11 per litre), although for control of a full spectrum of grassweeds that have reached four true leaves, Bayer recommends the higher 3litres/ha rate.

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