New Syngenta fungicide looks hopeful

Syngenta has announced that their new cereal fungicide isopyrazam could be approved by the end of the month.

The product, from a similar chemical group as boscalid promised long-lasting control of fungal diseases in wheat and barley, said Pat Ryan, the firm’s head of research and development.

Most noteworthy was the promise of strong protectant activity against the key wheat disease Septoria tritici, he said. “It delivers powerful binding to the pathogen which offers greater potency against Septoria and rust,” he said. “It also binds strongly to leaf wax which prolongs disease control.”

There was also some curative activity as the product was capable of penetrating into plant tissues, he added. “Initial approval will be for wheat and barley but we will hopefully see it used on oats and other crops in the future,” he said.

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