New variety races to flag

HYBRID BARLEY growers have been warned the crop may be on the brink of a rapid burst of spring growth.

Growers may miss the T2 (GS45-49) fungicide timing unless they monitor crops closely, said Syngenta Seeds, breeder of the new hybrid Colossus.

“Hybrid vigour means Colossus can grow extremely quickly at this time of year,” said Syngenta‘s Rod Burke.

“Once it gets going, the acceleration of growth is more like that of spring barley than winter.”

The first plants of one particularly forward crop of Colossus in the southwest is already at the ideal T2 timing, said Mr Burke, while crops further north are likely to be later.

“April showers could well increase Rhynchosporium pressure,” he added.

“Also, rust was evident in barley earlier on.”

The Syngenta Hybrid Barley System dictates that Amistar should form the basis of T2 fungicide plans, in conjunction with a rust-active triazole.

“The addition of Bravo (chlorothalonil) should also be considered for additional control of Rhynchosporium and leaf spotting – both biotic and abiotic,” noted Mr Burke.

• GS 45-49 is also known as the paintbrush growth stage with awns just emerging – see picture.

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