New wheat brands to lift exports

TWO NEW wheat brands have been launched today in a bid to boost the UK export market.

The new brands are designed to make it easier for overseas buyers to buy UK wheat and easier for exporters to sell it.

UKP covers bread wheat varieties and UKS is for biscuit wheats. The former requires a protein content of 11-13%, the latter 10.5-11.5%.

The launch took place at the 44th European Trade Exchange (Nov 18-20) in Paris.

Emma Jackson of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority said farmers would be able to see which varieties fell into each brand on the new Recommended lists.

“This will give farmers more focus in their production and marketing and will add value to the production chain by providing another branding option.”

Banks Cargill’s export director Mike Adams said the new brands should make it easier for overseas buyers to understand what they were buying.

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