NFUS calls for BPC improvement

NATIONAL FARMERS Union Scotland (NFUS) has broadly supported the work of the British Potato Council in its response to the current BPC review.

But, while NFUS acknowledges the work done by the BPC, several areas for improvement have been suggested in the response, including:

  • Allow the BPC to seek off label approval for chemicals required by growers, but no longer available from commercial companies

  • Improved market information to ensure prices are fully representative

  • Greater transparency of BPC activities by more involvement of grower organisations

  • Ensure all BPC activities are cost effective – current high levy collection cost was highlighted

“The potato sector remains of great importance to Scottish agriculture and is worth over £100m a year,” said Sandy Bayne, chairman of the NFUS Potato Working Group.

“Increasing specialisation at farm level has increased the importance of market information, promotion and research and development. The BPC performs all these functions and they are valued by Scottish growers.”

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