No new winter cereals in SAC list

There are no additions to the SAC Cereals Recommended List for winter cereals lists for 2008.

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Istabraq, Alchemy and Robigus top it as fully recommended wheats with last year’s newcomer, Oakley, retaining its 6% yield edge over Alchemy.

For spring barley the changes appear minor, the list confirming Publican’s field and micro-malting performance. The information is “commercially useful” given Oxbridge and Appaloosa’s rather disappointing 2007 yields.

Belgravia is said to be of interest to the distilling industry and along with Tartan has potential as a grain distilling replacement for Decanter. Scout sets a new feed yield standard.

Husky joins the SAC list, but a year or two will be needed to tell how effectively it competes with currently available varieties.

From this year the list is published only in electronic form, available through the SAC Farm Business Services Offices.

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