Norfolk yields down on average

Chris Harold finished cereals harvest on Sunday (27 August) at Docking Farm, Norwich, but said there was still a fair bit to do in the area.

“It took us four weeks to do the last couple hundred acres, but we’re all wrapped up now.”

Yields were about 1.3t/ha (0.5t/acres) down on average at 8.3t/ha (3.3t/acre) due to the dry weather and heat in May and June.

“Our average for the past three years was 9.6t/ha (3.8t/acre), so we’re down on that. Later drilled crops on lighter soil were not so good but crops on early drilled good soil were better.”

Mr Harold said there was little difference between Einstein, Robigus and Deben, with variation mainly from the impact dry weather had on lighter soil.

Quality had generally been fine, but he said the last field had sprouted in the ear as it was wet for too long.

He planned to grow mainly Einstein and Istabraq next year, and maybe a new variety.

Spring barley had also been affected by the dry weather. “Yields were down, and quality was droughted on lighter late drilled crops.”

Overall, he said harvest had been disappointing. “Yields were all down this year – the weather took its toll.”

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