Oilseed rape almost done for Anthony Morbey

Anthony Morbey is about three-quarters of the way through his 81ha (200 acres) of oilseed rape at Cole Ambrose, Ely, Cambs, and is not impressed with the results.

“It is not fantastic – we might average 2.5t/ha (1t/acre), which is low,” he said.

However, the 404ha (1000 acres) of Robigus and Solstice winter wheat looked very well. “I should think we’ll be into it in 10-14 days.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Area: 81ha (200 acres)
Yield: 2.5t/ha (1t/acre)

Crop: Winter wheat
Area: 404ha (1000 acres)
Varieties: Robigus and Solstice

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