Oilseed rape shows some promise in Dorset

Paul Carter of Sherbournes Estates, Dorset started cutting Astrid oilseed rape this afternoon.

Crops were coming in at 20% moisture and so far he had done 20 of 95ha.

He estimated it would yield 3.6 t/ha and said oilseed rape quality overall was alright, although he was yet to start on his Lioness, Caracas and Castille.

Mr Carter finished harvesting his 50ha of Saffron winter barley 10 days ago and considering the season, he was pleased it yielded 7.2 t/ha.

He said ground conditions were very wet and combines were getting stuck and added; “Progress is very stop-start and were just snatching bits between showers”.

Mr Carter asked for a stop to the rain but sympathetically said “We’re in the same boat as everyone else in the country.”

  • Crop: Oilseed Rape
  • Varieties Unfinished: Lioness, Caracas and Castille
  • Area:330ha total
  • Variety under progress: Astrid
  • Area cut: 20ha (of 95)
  • Yield: 3.6t/ha (estimated)


  • Crop: Winter Barley
  • Completed Variety: Saffron
  • Area: 50ha
  • Yield: 7.2t/ha

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