On hold at Wyldingtree

Oilseed rape is yielding between 3t and 4t/ha (1.2-1.6t/acre) in North Weald, Essex, according to Andrew Kerr from Wyldingtree Farm.

“Our own Palmedor high erucic rape is still three or four days away but conventional varieties are being cut in the area,” he said.

“We may even get into the Cordiale winter wheat next week, before the rapeseed. There’s still quite a lot of greenness in the rape, so we’ve just got to be patient.”

With only nine inches of rain so far this year wheat samples were looking quite pinched, said Mr Kerr.

“But I have heard of some wheat being cut in South Essex, and the quality of that was quite good.”

Combines across other parts of the country were also ready to roll, with Jonathan Holland expecting to be into oilseed rape in about 10 days time at Littlecote, Hungerford, Berkshire.

“There are some quite green patches so we sprayed it 6 days ago (16 July). I’m still quite confident the yields will be good,” he said.

“About 70% of the wheat is holding on quite well.”

In Kent, Robert Shove reckoned he would be combining wheat near Rochester next week. “A neighbour was cutting wheat today and it all looks fairly good.”

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