Optimum yields from new OSR

New conventional winter oilseed rape NK Grace is the UK’s first “optimum biomass” variety, breeder NK Seeds is claiming.

Offering growers high yields from an optimum rather than low or high biomass canopy structure, ease of harvest comparable to low biomass types is achievable, the company’s Nigel Padbury says.

With a plant height of 147cm, NK Grace is about 10cm taller than the low biomass types.

“This short-medium height is the key. It allows growers to maximise yields without loss in standing power or harvesting speed.

“Where inputs are used correctly, a slightly taller variety with the right combination of characteristics can give both management and yield benefits.

We believe NK Grace is the first variety of this type.”


One of only two winter oilseed rape varieties to join the HGCA Recommended List this year, NK Grace is short and stiff with a seed yield of 105 and an oil content of 44.6%, putting it just below leading variety Lioness for gross output.

An erect, open canopy at flowering and pod fill allows good light penetration and gives a secure platform for harvest, regardless of which harvesting method is employed, he adds.

Mr Padbury anticipates that NK Grace will take a 7% share of the certified seed market, due to its consistency of performance.

“It has done well in Scotland, as well as the north and south of England.

It has the highest rating for light leaf spot resistance with a 7, and is similar to Winner and Lioness for phoma with a 5.”

NK Grace will be available to growers exclusively through United Oilseeds.

More information on NK Grace can be found at www.nkseeds.co.uk


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