Organic egg market sees a slow down in sales

Until recently the organic egg sector was experiencing increasing sales but with consumers having less money to spend of late, the market is currently suffering.

Organic Farmers & Growers’ chief executive, Richard Jacobs, said: “There is no denying that organic egg and table bird producers are now feeling the pain. From the certification end of the business, we are seeing some people move out of organic production, while a few others are reducing their exposure by taking some flocks out of organic status.

Sales data from TNS confirms a slow down in the market that has seen a 4.1% decline in volume of sales over the 12 month period up to 13 July 2008.

The data shows that sales in the last four weeks are down by 13.0% compared to the same period last year.

Geoff Cooper sales and contract producer director at Noble Foods said: “The market is currently going through a difficult time there does appear to be a link to the credit crunch making the consumer feel poorer.

“However, as we all know eggs is a cyclical market and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see the sector pick up again as we move forward,” he added.

Hopes for a more positive outlook are echoed by Mr Jacobs who said: “I think we could be talking ourselves into a self-fulfilling prophecy and that, at least for now, things are not as bad as some headlines are trying to suggest.”