Osprey soars at Lode Way Farm

British-bred rapeseed variety Osprey has proven very pleasing for Ernie Chambers at Lode Way Farm, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, yielding 5.9t/ha (2.38t/acre).

“We only had 10 acres (4ha), but it stood about 6ft tall – it would smother Christmas trees let alone blackgrass, and it’s left some long stubble.”

A similar field of DO5 also yielded well, at 5.6t/ha (2.25t/acre), and was slightly easier to combine, he said.

Oil contents for both varieties were excellent, at 44.5% and 42.5%, respectively. Castille, grown on a larger site, produced 40.2% at just over 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).

“I’m going to grown 16ha (40 acres) of Osprey next year, and some more DO5 as well.”

Cordiale winter wheat, sown after Castille oilseed rape failed on heavy land, produced just over 4.9t/ha (2t/acre), but the rest of the wheat looked well, he added.

“My brother started cutting spring barley today, but it’s just spitting with rain and ours is still over 15% moisture.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Osprey
Area: 4ha (10 acres)
Yield: 5.9t/ha (2.38t/acre)

Variety: DO5
Area: 3ha (7 acres)
Yield: 5.6t/ha (2.25t/acre)

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Cordiale
Yield: >4.9t/ha (2t/acre)

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