OSR performs better on heavy land

David Hinchliffe of Bank House Farm, Goole, managed to harvest 20ha (50 acres) of his Castille and Es Astrid oilseed rape yesterday (24 July) and 4ha (10 acres) of his total 60ha (150 acres) on Monday.

The Astrid yielded better than the Castille at 4.1t/ha (33cwt/acre) compared with 3.6t/ha (29cwt/acre), however he said it was on slightly better medium-heavy soils. “It looks a nice sample – it’s not brilliant, but it’s not a disaster.”

Dry weather yesterday reduced the oilseed from 16-17% moisture content to 7%, but rain this morning prevented Mr Hinchliffe from beginning any combining. “The sun is trying to get out, and we’re just getting it at every opportunity we can”.

The forecast was mostly bleak for the next week, but Friday and Saturday looked slightly better, he said. “Each day is very different.”

Mr Hinchcliffe was concentrating on finishing the rape first but said his Cordiale wheat may be ready within the next week, depending on the weather. Fortunately for him very little had lodged.

Overall progress has been steady and frustrating, but despite this we have to keep a brave face. If the weather was right it wouldn’t have been a bad summer, but that’s just the way it goes.”

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Area total: 60ha
• Varieties: Castille, ES Astrid
• Area cut: 24ha
• Yield: 3.6-4.1t/ha
• Quality: some at 7% moisture (from 16-17%)

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