Perrys of Oakley highlights energy-saving grain handling equipment

Perrys of Oakley are to focus on how growers can reduce energy costs with grain handling and drying.

You will find information on their new hot air re-circulating grain driers that reduce fuel costs by making use of previously wasted heat energy.

They work by bleeding off hot air from the lower sections of the drier where the grain is nearly dry and re-circulating back through the furnace for a second pass. This air use to be lost straight out of the exhaust fans after one pass.

Include this with other options such as Plenum insulation, PLC driven control panels and dual column flexibility, and you will have one of the most efficient driers on the market today.

In addition to the latest drier developments, Perrys of Oakley will be giving special attention to well-established product ranges in which demand over the past few seasons has significantly increased.

Travelling levelling conveyors stop the need for manual intervention when filling flat stores. These systems of conveyors, usually a belt conveyor that runs the length of the store with its mobile tripper outlet linked to the inlet of the travelling levelling conveyor, use your store to its fullest capacity. No more fuel and time expended pushing product with telehandlers or tractors fitted with adapters. Each solution is tailored to your specific store, and with many capacities of machine available, the initial investment will be less than you might think and realised quickly when the fuel and time savings are factored in.

Specific case studies proving these benefits can be freely obtained when you visit the stand.

Also on the stand is examples of the many other ranges of chain and flight conveyors and bucket elevators, and the greatly experienced sales team will also be there offering insights and advice on your current and upcoming projects.

Perrys of Oakley can be found at Cereals stand J1102.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Perrys of Oakley.


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