Phil Clarke’s business blog strikes a chord

Farmers Weekly’s latest blog has captivated visitors. 

Topics covered so far include the attitude of grain traders, the impact of the recession on farming and (most recently) excessive milk price cuts. It seems to have struck a chord with readers, as the following quotes show:

Grain trade pessimism

“I realise the bad pound is helping and it may recover sometime, however, since the world has had a good harvest and grain prices are still climbing, there is room for optimism. World stocks-to-use ratios are still low.”

“Behind all their tiresome incomprehensible jargon, grain traders are as clueless about the future of grain prices as the rest of us. But if they can persuade us to part with our produce as cheaply as possible…”
Charlie Flindt

Milk price cuts

“Since Tesco effectively set the top price of milk in the autumn, all the supermarkets have been hankering after a reduction. With a 12-month contract signed up, they can reduce the price with their volume guaranteed for the next year. The only answer in my opinion is to have three-month contracts.”

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