Picture Roundup: Where has harvest started?

Heavy showers are keeping many people’s combines at a standstill, but a lucky few have managed to make a start to harvest.

Here are some of the pictures that have been added to the Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery in recent days.


Combining UGC

Start of harvest….Andrew Medler’s New Holland CR9070 combining a decent crop of Maris Otter winter barley near Norwich, Norfolk at 14.7% moisture on 14 July 2009.


sugar beet seed harvest


Beet it..This unusual picture came from Ian Munnery from Elsoms Seeds. It shows sugar beet seeds being harvested in Italy . “Quality looks excellent so far and flowering went well, with good nicking of the male and female hybrid components to maximize pollination,” he says.


Combines waiting to start UGC

Waiting for the rain to stop….Three brand new Lexions, fresh from the factory, waiting to start their first harvest. Sue Morgan took this picture on a farm in the West Midlands.


combining - nigel clements

Getting going…Winter barley harvest at DC & RJ Allen’s North Stoke Farm near Wallingford, Oxon. The picture was sent in by Nigel Clements.


straw UGC


On the road… One of the first loads of new season barley straw being transported from Huntingdon (Cambs) to Aberearon by Shropshire-based hay and straw merchants Roger Davies on Saturday 11 July. The start of many loads destined for West Wales.


weetabix sculpture

Naughty puppy…This picture is actually from 2007 and was the winning entry in the Weetabix/NFU Wheat Bale Sculpture competition. Weetabix has just announced that it is running the competition again in 2009 with a first prize of £5000 on offer. Farmers wishing to enter should visit the Weetabix site.

View more harvest pictures on the Harvest Highlights gallery and add your own (there are instructions in the link at the top). Alternatively, email them to us but make sure you include some details about who it shows, when and where it was taken, what is being harvested etc 




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