PICTURES: Combines starting to see some action

Pictures are starting to come into the FW offices from those people who have managed to start combining. But many are still playing a bit of a waiting game.

Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery 2008 

Here are some of the shots received so far:

combining UGC

Rising to the challenge…W.J Walters-Symons & Sons of Elston Farm, Churchstow, Kingsbridge combining Carat winter barley on 16th July 2008 with a Duetz Fahr 5660 HTS combine, with views of the South Hams rolling countyside in the background.

crimping UGC

A cheeky challenge…this picture has come from Turriff in Scotland and is actually winter barley being harvested for crimping. But Colin Clark who sent it in wanted to prove to some of his friends in East Anglia that the combine could be out in July… (follow the link for more details)

combining UGC

Leading the field…A Massey Ferguson 38 cutting winter barley in Oxfordshire on 15 July. Picture submitted by Nixey.

If you want to feature in the Harvest Highlights Gallery then add your own picture to it here or email a copy to us in the office and we will do it. Please include some detail about when and where it was taken, variety etc and make sure your pictures are under 4MB if adding them directly to the gallery.

We’ll be picking a selection to appear in future issues of Farmers Weekly magazine.

Also, keep an eye on our harvest reports on the Harvest Highlights homepage.


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