Pictures: Harvest Highlights gallery continues to grow

Harvest is proving to be a catchy affair, but the Harvest Highlights picture gallery continues to grow.

There will soon be 300 pictures in the gallery and more are being uploaded every day.

If you want to submit a photo either upload it direct or email us a copy along with some information for a caption. Here are some highlights from this week:


linseed UGC

WintaLin autumn-sown linseed being harvested at AR Peters and Son, Plashnett Park Farm. Ringmer, East Sussex on 25 July. The crop averaged more than 2.5t/ha.


combine UGC

A field of Saffron winter barley being harvested at Northfield Farm overlooking the village of St. Abbs on the Berwickshire coast. There wasn’t much straw but the crop yielded 9t/ha with a specific weight of 71kg/hl. Will Hamilton contracts this farm for his brother-in-law Stuart Gordon.


combine UGC

This picture show Volume winter barley being cut at Shandwick Mains, Tain, Ross-shire. The crop yielded 4.25t/acre at 16.5% on 27 July. Picture from Killie.


combine UGC

The start of harvest at Lincomb Farm, Stourport, Worcestershire where Pearl winter barley was being harvested at 14% moisture by the farm’s new 5088 Axial Flow combine driven by owner Andrew Symonds.


View the full Harvest Highlights Gallery – and don’t forget we’ll be running one of the pictures uploaded to the gallery as a front cover of Farmers Weekly.


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