PICTURES: Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery reflects farmers’ rain woes

A couple of days ago Farmers Weekly noticed that farmers seem to be censoring out the wet weather problems when it came to the Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery – but not any more. Here’s a flavour of some of the pictures that have since come in:

header in rain UGC

Tricky Dicky took this shot which is an unusual image – but an all too familiar sight – in many parts of the country at the moment.

combine and mud UGC

Finishing off the last of the OSR in a puddly Oxfordshire with a John Deere 9880i STS on the 11 Aug 2008. Picture by Matthew Brown. 

wet barley UGC

Brian Shaw of Barton Hill Farm, Lilley checks the moisture content of his spring barley…Photo taken by Whizz Middleton (Brian’s daughter) on 12 Aug.

combine UGC

The sky may look bright but the combines aren’t moving. The winter barley has been finished so S & K Clarke from North Norfolk are waiting on dry weather for the spring barley and wheat.

View more pictures – and add your own – on the Harvest Highlights Gallery. You can also email pictures direct to us.

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