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Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Here is some organic Claire wheat being harvested at Lawn Farm near Pewsey, Wilstshire. Combines of various ages were drafted in to help Gerald Osborne on his Case 2166.  The oldest  one  – a Clayson 1963 –  is the same age as Gerald. Picture by Nigel Banks.


bale and combine UGC

They were baling straight behind the combine as contractor Tim Edwards returned to Chapel Farm, Ringshall, Stowmarket, Suffolk on the 17 August. This field was Ambrosia wheat which yielded 9.8t/ha. Picture by Katherine and William Hitchcock  


combine UGC

This New Holland CX8070 is in the experienced hands of Walter Cowan who was recently awarded a long service medal at Lincolnshire show for 45 years of service. The machine belongs to KW ( Kerr & Ward) Farm Contractors of Howsham near Brigg in  North Lincolnshire. The photo was taken by Paul Garfoot in a field of barley at Waddingham.


combine UGC

Chris Suckling on the combine and Paul Coleman alongside as they cut Tipple spring barley at Woodlands Farm, Holbrook on 15 August. The crop was yielding an average of 6.2tonnes/hectare.  Picture taken by Gloria Grimwood.

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