Pictures: Harvest is still a snatch-and-grab affair

Harvest has been a catchy affair so far and judging by the latest forecast, this trend is likely to continue.

But many areas are making good progress despite the weather and the Harvest Highlights gallery is growing day by day.

Here are some of this week’s highlights:


Les Smith of Dawson Farms cutting oilseed rape with a Claas Lexion 600TT with 35ft Header, Swainby, North Yorkshire.


John Deere 9880 is cutting spring wheat of a moisture of 17.5% which is caerdian red wheat on 12 August.


Combine driver Fay Johnson harvesting Clare Winter Wheat at Rectory Farm, Great Easton with the Eyebrook reservoir in the background. The Johnson family, who sent in the picture, said yields were 4t/acre at 14.9% moisture.


John Deere 9780 CTS combine with 25ft header, cutting Gerald oats alongside a demonstration New Holland 9060 Rotary with 24ft header on the Lyneham Estate, South Devon. Farm manager, Peter Watts, who sent in the picture, said yields were 9t/ha at 13.9% moisture. The New Holland demonstrator was provided by C R Willcocks, Devon.

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