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Moles Farm, Ware

This New Holland TX66 was pictured at Moles Farm, Ware, Hertfordshire on 30 August.


Hay on Wye

This Lexion 470, belonging to J G Goring & Sons, Hereford was cutting Solstice winter wheat yielding over 4t/acre at 15-16% moisture when rain returned. Here, while awaiting drier weather, it gets a thorough 100-hour service.



Tom of Gollins Contractors combining Oakley wheat at 16.5% moisture with Chris of G E & M Baker & Son of Kingsey, Bucks on trailer duty. The picture was taken during a short spell of blue sky last week by Chris’s eldest daughter, Emily, a blogger on last year’s Kidsconnect campaign for Farmlife.



“We don’t all have Lexions.” says Andrew Rees who took this photo on 30 August of his dad Ken cutting 11 acres of wheat after maize on their 350 acre Gaulby Lodge Farm, Kings Norton, Leciestershire. The 1983 combine, which cuts just 50 acres of wheat a year, remains in excellent condition. Kay Price on the Massey 4255 is leading the grain home for their 120 dairy cows. The crop yielded about 3.5t/acre at 15.5% moisture, and the straw was baled just before the next day’s washout.



Finding it a tight squeeze moving to the next field, Jeff Bradshaw uses the Hillsider technology on this John Deere CTS 9780, to good effect to get over the hedge.


Boddington smaller

On the last haul of the day at Boddington Estates, Gloucestershire, Matt Shaw unluckily found one of this field’s many wet spots and got stuck. He took the photo while waiting to be rescued.


Lincs wolds

Glasgow wheat being cut at 17% moisture on 28 August at Biscathorpe in the Lincolnshire wolds while viners gather Oasis peas in the background.


Flat wheat

Contractor P & J Awdry tackling rain-beaten wheat in Wiltshire on 30 August.


Wind power

The first wind-powered combine, perhaps? G B Daniel & Sons cutting Robigus wheat at 20% moisture yielding 4.7t/acre at Brackenholme, Selby.


Big drops

When it rains they get big drops at Upper Farm, Milston on Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain.

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