PICTURES: Where is the oldest working combine in the UK?

A selection of the photographs sent to the Harvest Highlights gallery suggests there is an impressive array of older combines doing good service on farms across the country.

It has got us wondering just how old is the oldest working combine in the UK? If you can do better than the selection below email us a picture and some information.

old claeys combine UGC

David Jones of Chelmick Farm, Church Stretton ,Shropshire cutting winter oats on a Claeys M103 combine which was registered in 1956 and has worked every year of its life. Picture by Sue Morgan.

Laverda combines UGC

Andrew and James Taylor harvesting Cordiale wheat at Broughton Grounds Farm, near Banbury on 22 September with two 1976 M120 Laverda combines. They estimate the cabless combine, bought five years ago, harvests it’s own value in wheat every two hours.

old cllaas protector combine UGC

John Covell harvesting on 20 September at Wayhead, Ely Cambridgeshire on his trusty 1972 Class Protector.

MF combine 855 UGC

Gary and Paul Jones of Porthamel Farm, Talgarth, Brecon cutting oats with a Massey Ferguson 855. They also run an 865 and describe both their machines as coming from ‘a previous era’.

NH clayson combine UGC

This pictures was submitted to the gallery by Chutch (not sure about the location) but it shows a 1974 NH Clayson 1520 combining spring barley on 21 September.

old claas combine UGC

This picture came from Agrimania (again we’ve no detail about location) or indeed the model so suggestions welcomed.

Massey 525 combine UGC

This Massey 525 is working at Poston Court Farm, Vowchurch Hereford, and is still going well for William, Wilfie and Richard James. Wilfie is pictured driving the combine.

old MF combine UGC

Coopy submitted this picture of his Dad’s Massey Ferguson combine which he says is still working (ish).

old MF combien UGC

Graham Wright, combining barley on his family farm at Brackenfield in Derbyshire. He is using his friend Fred Wragg`s combine which has been kept in good working condition for many years. Picture taken by Kevin Ogdon.

Massey 240 combine UGC

This Massey Ferguson 240 is now 30+ years old and his pictured cutting some winter oats in a place where the larger, Lexion cannot get to at Acton Scott Farm, Church Stretton, Shropshire.  Picture by Sue Morgan.

new massey UGC

Tim Parsons of Ross Farm Machinery Ltd sent us this picture of their new demonstrator – a Massey Ferguson 7278 Auto level, 25 ft cut  – working alongside a 1956-ish Massey Ferguson 5 ft cut driven by Peter Ball. They were cutting OSR at James Parker’s Garford Farm, Hereford on Friday, 15 August.

columbus combine UGC

A Claas Columbus dating from 1965 belonging to David Rawlings of Greete Court Farm, Tenbury Wells, Worcs working at Tenbury Show Harvest Demonstration on August 2. Picture by Sue Morgan.

self combine

East Suffolk-based Peter Self has two Claas Mercury combines, one from 1966 and one from 1968. Each does over 30 acres a year for very little cost. He still drives the combine at over 70 years old and has had Claas Mercury combines since 1976.  The family is now on its 5th combine; the others having been scrapped for spare parts.  The dust helmet he’s wearing apparently cost more than the combine!

Vintage combine

This is Chris Clements’s 1967 Massey Ferguson 410 which harvests between 80 and 100 acres of barley, oats and wheat on his mixed farm on Exmoor every year.

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