Pleasing yields in Yorkshire

Catherine Thompson is busy combining today (20 August) at Holme House, Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, and is pleased with wheat yields and quality.

“We’ve just had to do some minor repairs and the clouds are hovering again – we started off so well but then we had 73mm of rain and it’s all gone downhill since then,” she said.

Mrs Thompson managed to cut all the winter barley, oilseed rape, and 24ha of wheat before the rain, and had done another 40ha of wheat since then.

“It’s nice wheat, which is something – it’s hard to say yields as we have on-floor storage, but I think they are better than average.”

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The Diego was also producing a nice sample, with a bushel weight of 79.5kg/hl.

“The Volume winter barley also yielded better than average, and had a specific weight of 64.5kg/hl, which isn’t bad for Volume,” she said.

“Unfortunately, we’ve just been scratching around getting bits and pieces cut since the rain – I’m trying not to go over 18% moisture and it’s 17.5% at the moment.”

Mrs Thompson had to cut her spring oats in a rush over the weekend, before gales arrived as forecast on Sunday. “We lost a bit, and yields weren’t great, but at least we got it cut.

“We’ll start looking at drilling oilseed rape next week.”


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