Pleasingly simple harvest in Monmouth

Colin Philliphs finished combining spring beans at Dairy Farm, Raglan, Monmouth, yesterday (10 September), bringing harvest 2014 to a close.

“It was the best crop of spring beans we’ve ever had,” he said. “They were Fuego and yielded close to 7.4t/ha according the combine scales.”

Mr Philliphs finished harvesting wheat about three weeks ago, and although it was no record harvest, he was pleased with yields.

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“We had Cordiale, Relay and Diego, and averaged 9.5-10t/ha. The Cordiale had a decent Hagberg and bushel weight of 82kg/hl, but the protein was down so it went for low-grade milling.”

Quartz oilseed rape was also quite pleasing, at 4.3t/ha, he added.

“Most people have finished harvest around here, and we got all our oilseed rape drilled last week, so everything is well up to date.

“I think it’s been the simplest harvest we’ve had in a number of years.”

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