Pottinger Vitasem Add drill to make UK debut

Making its UK debut at Cereals this year will be a new mounted seed drill featuring the proven Pöttinger Dual Disc coulter design.

The Vitasem ADD joins the existing Vitasem range of mechanical seed drills, is available in 3m or 4m working widths, and it shares its seed hopper, metering system and Compass control system with the other models in the Vitasem range.

When it comes to the business end of the drill, this new ADD model is fitted with the Dual Disc double disc coulter system found on the company’s larger Terrasem trailed seed drill models.

Whether it’s working as part of a minimal tillage regime or a more conventional plough-based system, the Vitasem ADD can turn its hand to all of these, conditions permitting. This is in part possible thanks to the unique leading disc coulter design of Pöttinger Dual Disc coulter. This leading disc trailing disc design reduces required pressure per Dual Disc coulter for penetration by up to 40% when compared to other double disc coulter systems. Effectively, the leading disc does the cutting of the seed slot with the second trailing disc creating the opening of the furrow. This is thanks to the V type configuration, which ensures post-harvest trash is kept out of the seed slot and hair pinning of any stubble is avoided. Coulter pressure is adjustable up to a maximum of 50kg per coulter, allowing effective seed placement even in difficult conditions.

Also helping enable excellent seed placement is the positioning of the seed delivery tube into the front sector of the Dual Disc coulter. These high-output seed drills are often worked at high forward speeds therefore the seed needs adequate time to reach the bottom of the seed slot before emerging from the protection of the Dual Disc system. Pöttinger positions the seed delivery tube in the front section of the coulter ahead of the Dual Disc central axle and hub arrangement. This early presentation of the seed ensures there is sufficient time for the seed to reach the ground within the protection of the Dual Disc coulter arrangement. This helps minimise any risk of seed bounce, ensuring seed placement is uniform and precise helping ensure an effective even germination.

The mounting of these Dual Disc coulters is also equally important to Pöttinger with each coulter being mounted on an identical length coulter arm thanks to staggered coulter rail positioning. This ensures pressure is applied to front and rear coulters evenly further ensuring an even seed placement.

Each disc houses its own inboard hub ensuring a free and unhindered passage for soil to flow past the disc in work, allowing Pöttinger to maintain a 12.5cm row spacing on its Vitasem ADD models. These hubs contain maintenance-free sealed bearings that are designed for a long, trouble-free working life, with the hub itself fitting into a specially formed centre recess in the disc and soundly attached by five bolts.

Stand SS121 is where the team from Pöttinger UK will be pleased to show the benefits of this new range of seed drills.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Pöttinger.


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