Pre-em approval for spring bean herbicide

Growers now have another herbicide option for the pre-emergence control of key broadleaved weeds in spring beans, it has been announced.

Skirmish (terbuthylazine + isoxaben) has good activity against weeds such as Black bindweed, Knotgrass, Field pansy, Chickweed and Orache, Syngenta said.

Its approval is particularly significant, as pre-em herbicide options in peas and beans are becoming increasingly limited due to the current EU review of products supported for use, said Syngenta’s Bruce McKenzie.

Skirmish has Annex 1 listing, which assures its availability after the review is complete in 2007, the firm said.

“Pea and bean growers need to be looking at alternative herbicide strategies this season, ahead of 2007,” advised Mr McKenzie.

In PGRO (Processors and Growers Research Organisation) trials, Skirmish gave similar control of Orache, Fools Pars, Pansy, volunteer oilseed rape, Knotgrass and AMG to Reflex T (fomesafen + terbutryn). It gave improved control of Chickweed and Black Bindweed, results showed.