Protein too low for biscuit wheat

Yorkshire farmer Phil Dowson said it has been an average harvest for 50ha of Robigus, Deben and Istabraq.

He was fairly pleased with first wheats averaging 10t/ha, although second wheats did not do so well at 7.5t/ha. He said: “The wet autumn drilling conditions didn’t help.”

All crops came in dry at 16 – 18% and he said harvest went fairly smoothly with good quality crops. Bushel weights were very high, with some above 80kg/hl, although some biscuit wheat did not meet specification as protein was too low.

Mr Dowson was pleased with Robigus, but is planning on dropping Deben next year as it did not yield very well. “It lacked vigour – and just didn’t look good all winter.”

  • Crop/Variety: Robigus, Deben and Istabraq winter wheat
  • Area: 50ha
  • Yield: 7.5 – 10t/ha
  • Quality: Moisture 16 – 18%, some bushel weights over 80kg/hl, nitrogen levels too low for biscuit quality

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