Pulse prices jump on lower yields

Pea and bean prices have increased on the back of lower yield predictions for this harvest, according to the British Edible Pulse Association.

“First UK harvest indications suggest peas to be yielding normally and that winter beans too will be satisfactory, despite the drought,” said president Phil Rix.

“But concerns about spring bean yields and quality are inevitable.”

Spot pea and bean prices had jumped by about £22/t over the past month, aided by stronger cereal markets.

Canadian pea production was expected to fall by 20% due to a significant decrease in sown area and, to a lesser extent, lower yields.

But supply would remain unchanged due to the large stocks, he said.

French planted areas had been revised up further to 216,000ha (533,500 acres) of peas and 135,000ha (333,500 acres) of beans.

However, demand for feed beans remained strong, and British pulses remained popular in continental feed markets, said Mr Rix,

Bruchid had been prevalent in French human consumption beans this year and hot weather may have affected seed quality.

Supply of marrowfats was ample due to a higher carryover than expected, creating some storage capacity issues.

“Without movement contracts sales will be delayed. Early samples suggested poor water absorption, which will hopefully improve as we get into the harvest,” he added.

“Current showery weather needs attention with the attendant risk of bleaching.”

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