Rain expected to dominate much of the country

Unsettled weather will remain for at least a fortnight, making for a continued catchy harvest, according to the latest forecasts.

Showers or longer spells of rain are expected to dominate much of the country, states an updated monthly outlook prepared by the BBC.

Low pressure means wind will also be significant this week, with strong to gale force gusts across Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

“It looks as though all areas will get more than their fair share and further localised flooding cannot be ruled out,” says BBC meteorologist Darren Bett.

Another unsettled week is expected to follow, with rainfall close to or just above the seasonal average.

Better weather might be seen towards the end of August – although longer range forecasts can be less accurate.

“Confidence is only rated as moderate at this range but there is a thought that things may begin to improve as we head to September,” says Mr Bett.

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