Rain raises quality concerns

Wheat quality is good so far, but continuing unsettled weather could threaten milling samples, according to ADAS.

James Clarke, head of sustainable crop management at ADAS, said that despite the weather, the quality of the harvest was generally good across all crops, including wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape.
“This is the first big week of the wheat harvest and showery weather has been a factor in gathering the crop in – especially in the North.
“About 85% of the wheat crop is still to be harvested – mostly within the next three to five weeks, so what the weather does from now on will be crucial for the speed of the harvest and quality expectations.”
Met Office forecasts suggest weather across the UK will remain changeable, with frequent showers and stormy conditions over the next few days.
“With global wheat prices spiking, attention is focused on what the home-grown wheat harvest will be like.

“So far so good, but it is from now onwards that we will need to see how rain affects progress and quality.”

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