Rape harvest underway in Kent

The 35ha (90 acres) of Caracas rape (a low standing variety), is coming in with a moisture content of 10%.

Mr Boulden guessed that the crop is yielding between 3.71 – 4.32 t/ha (30-35 cwt/acre).

“The crop has established very well, apart from one corner of a field.”

He also said: “I’m happy, it’s combining very well.” 

Mr Boulden grows a wide range of varieties on his farm near Ashford, Kent.

He said that it’s difficult to tell but he thinks Borneo and Pollen have been the best varieties so far this year.  

This year is much later than average for Mr Boulden.

“Last year we finished our rape harvest by July 22, but this year some of our wheat is still green.”

The weather has been causing difficulties for farmers in the area.

On Saturday it was reported that there was hail on the Romney marsh, Kent, which is very unusual for this time of year.

“I received an inch of rain in two hours on Saturday afternoon,” Mr Boulden said.

As well as the rape, he grows 445ha (1,100 acres) of wheat and 81ha (200 acres) of peas.