Rapeseed finished at Thriplow

Oliver Walston has finished combining oilseed rape at Thriplow Farm, Cambridge, with yields slightly below his five-year average.

“For the first time in a decade nothing has had to go through the drier,” he said.

The 120ha (296 acres) of Excalibur and Castille averaged 3.2t/ha (1.3t/acre) over a weighbridge – 0.2t (6%) below the farm’s five-year average but equal to its 20-year mean for oilseed rape.

Excalibur yielded a pleasing 3.6t/ha (1.5t/acre) but the Castille was disappointing at 3.1t/ha (1.3t/acre).

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Excalibur
Area: 80ha (198 acres)
Yield: 3.6t/ha (1.5t/acre)

Variety: Castille
Area: 40ha (99 acres)
Yield: 3.2t/ha (1.3t/acre)

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