Rapeseed yields 3% down

Oilseed rape yields are about 3% down on last year, according to Owen Cligg, trading manager at United Oilseeds.

“We are seeing quite a few yield reports from the South and they tend to be holding up quite well, which is good news given the drought and the frost earlier in the year.”

Yields ranged from about 2.5t/ha to 5t/ha (1-2t/acre), with Cabernet performing particularly well in the Salisbury area, he said.

Oil contents were up to about 46% – slightly down on last year, although it was a bit early to tell for sure.

Harvest was about 10% complete in the South, with progress only as far North as Lincolnshire by Tuesday (27 July).

“We did have some cut on about 12 July and then a week of wet weather held things up, so everything has been concertinaed together.”

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